jueves, 9 de marzo de 2017

2nd BGU

Healthy Life, Healthy World


Planet, Earth, is rich in natural resources that we use every day. These resources are classified into two main groups: renewable and non-renewable. The first group, renewable resources, includes: the air we breathe, the water we drink and the sun that shines on us. The wind energy is taken from the air, whereas hydro-energy is taken from streams, rivers, and the ocean's tides. Other types of resources are the soil and plants from which timber can be taken to build houses and furniture. From the sun we get solar energy, which is vital to almost every living being on Earth. Humans, animals and plants use it to produce important nutrients in their cells. These resources are abundant and regenerate themselves in. considerably short periods of time. Let's move on to the second group, non-renewable resources. Here we find fossil fuels like oil and coal. It also includes minerals such as iron and copper. These resources are called non-renewable because they take a really long time for them to be reproduced or their stocks to be replaced. As you can see, everything is made from natural resources. We must all protect them and use them in the right way. 

Teacher: Elías Centeno P.